Chinese Characters That Look Like Space Invaders

August 31, 2015 Amy Estrada 5

普普普普普普普普普普普普普普普普普普普普普普普普普普普曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾曾會會會會會會會會會會會會會會會會會會會會會會會會會會會黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑黑萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼萼 That is all. (And if you don’t know what Space Invaders are, you weren’t there for the birth of video games.) Subscribe to the […]

Tagalog In Taiwan

July 26, 2014 Amy Estrada 8

So a couple of months or so ago I found myself becoming increasingly interested in learning Tagalog. As you know, Chinese is my primary target language, […]