May 25, 2014 Amy Estrada 7

This white kitty reminds me of cotton. Cotton Chinese Cotton- 棉 Mián Spanish Cotton- Algodón Italian Cotton- Cotone Tagalog Cotton- Koton How do you say cotton in your target language? Related […]


March 9, 2014 Amy Estrada 0

This king of the sidewalk says , “I’ve got the whole place to myself!” Myself Chinese Myself- 我自己 Wǒ zìjǐ Spanish Myself- Yo mismo / yo misma […]


February 25, 2014 Amy Estrada 1

There doesn’t seem to be a curfew in this city. Curfew Chinese Curfew- 宵禁 Xiāojìn Spanish Curfew- Toque de queda Italian Curfew- Coprifuoco How do you say curfew in your target […]


February 7, 2014 Amy Estrada 11

“My wrinkles need no Botox! This is my natural face, and I love it!” Wrinkles Chinese Wrinkles- 皺紋 Zhòuwén Spanish Wrinkles- Arrugas Italian Wrinkles- Rughe How do you […]


January 12, 2014 Amy Estrada 1

“Listen up big dog, this is my territory!” Territory Chinese Territory- 領土 Lǐngtǔ Spanish Territory- Territorio Italian Territory- Territorio How do you say territory in your target language? Related articles What […]


December 30, 2013 Amy Estrada 5

What’s in your handbag? Handbag Chinese Handbag- 手提包 Shǒutí bāo Spanish Handbag- Bolsa de mano Italian Handbag- Borsa How do you say handbag in your target language? Related articles What is […]


December 16, 2013 Amy Estrada 0

An action shot of this coffee shop cat cruising down the stairs. Stairs Chinese Stairs- 樓梯 Lóutī Spanish Stairs- Escaleras Italian Stairs- Scale How do you say stairs in your target […]


December 2, 2013 Amy Estrada 2

Just popping in for a refreshing juice. Juice Chinese Juice- 果汁 Guǒzhī Spanish Juice- Jugo Italian Juice- Succo How do you say juice in your target language? Related articles What is […]

Jewelry Shop

November 17, 2013 Amy Estrada 0

Everyday this handsome cat puts himself on display in the window of the jewelry shop. Jewelry Shop* Chinese Jewelry Shop- 珠寶店 Zhūbǎo diàn Spanish Jewelry Shop– Joyería […]

taipei street cats

Train Station

November 5, 2013 Amy Estrada 10

This sleek black cat was loitering around the train station. Train Station Chinese Train Station- 火車站 Huǒchē zhàn Spanish Train Station- Estación de tren Italian Train Station- Stazione […]