June 30, 2013 Amy Estrada 0

This kitty is always seen hanging out at my neighborhood night market and seems to enjoy the bustling nightlife. Nightlife Chinese Nightlife- 夜生活 Yèshēnghuó Spanish Nightlife- Vida nocturna […]

Take out the trash cat

Garbage Truck

June 25, 2013 Amy Estrada 0

It looks like this night market cat is waiting for the garbage truck. Garbage Truck Chinese Garbage truck- 垃圾車 Lèsè chē Spanish  Garbage Truck- Camión de la basura […]

Cats in Taiwan


June 21, 2013 Amy Estrada 0

This sweet little kitty lives in my neighborhood market and looks a little sad. Sad Chinese Sad- 難過 Nánguò Spanish  Sad- Triste How do you say sad in your target […]