10 Reasons Taiwanese Guys Don’t Date Western Women

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Since living in Taiwan I’ve noticed very few Taiwanese guys with western girlfriends or wives. But there is no shortage of western guys with Taiwanese girlfriends or wives. Why the disparity?

I’ve been curious about this and have probed my Taiwanese friends from day one. Recently I decided to take it a step further and pose the question to Taiwanese men in one of the country’s largest online forums.

The guys’ responses were interesting, and of course only represent a sample of the attitudes about dating western women. The following is a summary of what they reported:

  • Age- Many guys report that western women look much older than their actual age and are therefore not very attractive as mates. One guy said, “A sixteen year old girl looks 26. At 26 she will look 36!” Additionally, they say western women don’t age well.
  • Skin- Numerous guys say that western women have bad skin. Tanning, freckles, scars and blemishes are all considered unattractive and rank high on the list of reasons they don’t date western women. “I knew a lot of foreign exchange students and they all had terrible skin,” one guy remarked.
  • Preference for Asian women- Many simply state they prefer dating East Asian women.
  • Height- Some guys mentioned that western women are too tall.
  • Language Barrier- They say this makes dating western women difficult.
  • Not Dedicated- This was mentioned several times but I’m not sure exactly what it means.
  • Lack of Western Women- Some say that they infrequently encounter western women living in Taiwan so it’s hard to meet them. They tend to stick together and socialize only with other expats.
  • Cultural- Some guys feel the cultural differences are too great, and would be a problem especially after marriage. The biggest concern is the relationship between his mother and wife.
  • Shyness- A number of Taiwanese guys admit their shyness is a factor.
  • Temporary Residency- They believe most western women plan to return to their country of origin eventually, and therefore are not suitable as long term partners. Taiwanese guys say they prefer stable long term relationships.

The feeling this list gives me is that there are two broad categories of Taiwanese guys out there. Some that prefer to only date Taiwanese women, and some that would like to date western women but cite barriers such as language, shyness, or lack of opportunities.

This investigation remains open, so your insights and suggestions are welcomed!


  1. I believe the truth is that western girls (especially white) do not like Asian men. So if an Asian man wants to chase a white girl it probably always ends up with failure. If you do the same survey with white girls then it will tell you why there are limited white girl – Asian men couples. I will be more than happy to see what white girls really think about Asian men.

    • I’m a Taiwanese student. I find that exchange students (white women) I know are dating Asian boys (not Taiwanese). I don’t think they dislike Asian men.
      BTW, I agree that language, culture and shyness are key reasons. I once heard an exchange student complaining the Taiwanese boys in her lab never say hello to her, and a Taiwanese student told her that he might be too shy.
      Hmmm, I guess some Taiwanese people (not only men) might consider themselves inferior when they meet Caucasians.

    • I believe the truth is that western girls (especially white) do not like Asian men.
      Do you know the blog owner is also white western girl? so you mean she doesnt like Asian men.

      • S Can u stop spreading all these narrow-minded racist words skinny white boy? I’m dating a white girl myself atm. I met her during my studies overseas. However, I had to deal with skinheads for dating a white girl so we decided to move back to TW. After I came back, I saw bunch of white guys like urself(mostly french) are acting like they “own” my fuking country. You can talk as tough as you want on the internet and pick on a skinny Asian guy in reality because I’ve had enough from you white people , talk to me like this in person bro. That why i think there’s a big difference between latinos, black and “White” people . You can call me a racist towards white men or whatever you want,but this is caused by my experiences with them.

    • I don’t mind Asian men at all, I thought they are my “type”. Still, they were scared as hell when I tried to start a conversation with them…

    • I’m a girl and I love Asian mean they are very kind towards women and plus they are very hot but Asian men are a lot more nicer to women you see men here in Australia are very abusive and they use women all the time but yeah that’s just my opinion

    • Do white girls not like Asian men though? It depends. I think if you go on traditional sites like OkCupid / Tinder you’re going to have a bad time. But apps like Color Dating matches a lot of people together. It depends on the medium and I think things are getting more and more mainstream.

  2. Sorry, but I didn’t get it… What do Taiwanese men expect exactly? Dating a woman or buying some kind of furniture for their homes? I am very sorry to say this but reasons as height, skin and such are …. how to say it in an educate way… lame. Of course cultural differences are a completely different and serious topic.

    About if ‘white’ girls like Asian men, I can say that at least here in Spain a significant quantity of the women who like Asian men also have an special interest in Asian Culture, or more specific interests related to it (Japan, Korean Pop Culture, male actors, japanese animation and so on).

  3. Taiwanese guys simply lack the language skill to properly introduce themselves to western female. Without the introduction part, in my opinion, a relationship will be difficult to start.. plus the ultra slow-mo progress, which you have seen your language exchange partner demonstrated to you, makes the whole “chasing” longer and harder.

    I’m pretty sure those guys who make the first few points regarding the looks of western female must have little to no experience getting along with 外國女生. mostly they say so because other Taiwanese men say so. This is a significant habit in Taiwanese culture, that we tend to agree with majority’s viewpoint in a discussion without examine the weakness of that viewpoint. The result of such habit is fewer and fewer guys trying to be with 外國人. welp.

  4. have u noticed that many taiwanese men married south east asian girls, but there are few, very few south east asian guys date with taiwanese girls.

    it all starts from the notion of “identity,” and ppl identify themselves through color, language, and blood (citizen of the nation, man of the tribe).

    That is to say, the way I look at myself has something to do with the way I look at my country. If I see my country is strong and prosperous, then I’d be proud to say that I’m the man of that country.

    And here’s the sad part: because of the Enlightenment in the 18th century, Westerners started to dominate the world. It is a human nature to look down upon the more uncivilized world/men. So the “White men superior” theory had been invented, and ppl of the colonized country have had to live under the shadow.

    Unfortunately, capitalism have worsen the situation. The rich gets richer, and the poor gets poorer.

    Back to the problem. Marriage, dating are both a kind of exchange behavior. The personal identity which be incepted by post-colonialism/White superior-ism intertwines with capitalism (money talks) and the fact that we live in a male dominant world — that’s the reason why Taiwanese guys don’t date Western women.

    or you can check Frantz Fanon’s great work: Black Skin, White Masks
    there’s a chapter talking about white guy black woman, and black guy white woman.

    • Hi everyone

      Michael I agree with you. In fact I myself use similar reasoning to discuss and explain the phenomenon of white guys being capable of attracting more women than Asian guys. However, that reasoning cannot explain why white/black men from relatively less developed countries or less wealthy countries (compared with Taiwan or even Japan if you wish) still exhibit much higher attraction power than Asian men. A prominent example is the story unveiled few months ago in Taiwan (if you happen to read TW news) saying two Nigerian brothers capable to attract hundreds of women within a couple years. Eastern European men + JP women pairs outnumber JP men + Eastern European women pairs.

      I am wondering if you or Amy or anyone here have any thought on this?

      Put individual cases aside, let’s see stats. Early last year CNN reported that “about 36% of females married outside their race compared to 17% of male newlyweds”. The pew social trends also reported similar results. These are cases in the US. Bear in mind that most Asians immigrants were *selected*. Aha, of course US government accepts applicants that are riches or Phds/Masters or those with good expertise. In other words, these Asian men in the stats are the middle-top to top level people back in Asia.


  5. As a western guy married to a Chinese (Mainland) girl I think what they may have meant by ‘not dedicated’ is two part. The first is that they are perceived as being not serious about the relationship and only consider it as casual dating without a long term commitment. The other part which actually leads into the first is that western women are too independent and unlikely to fall into the traditional role of wife and mother.

    As for those saying excuses about skin, height and physical appearance are lame or invalid they are probably just being honest as to their personal tastes. Physical attraction is based initially on physical appearance and the comments about rapid aging or looking older are true. Most Asian women remain young looking well past middle age. There are so many Asian women up into their 50’s that you would be hard pressed to believe they were a day over 30. You will not find that same situation with western women.

    • Hi,

      I am a Taiwanese guy. I dated a white girl once, and it was a long term committed relationship. I totally agree with what you said here. Taiwanese guys might fear that white girls are not committed or just want casual dating even sex. This also can be counted as one of the reasons in the culture difference category. Furthermore, a person who is not committed to relationship is normally considered as a player and is viewed badly among Taiwanese( I am not saying there are none of them in Taiwan, but they are frown upon in general). And I am sorry to say, not complaining but trying to express a truth to some extent, Taiwanese girls would not have much of a trouble dating white men because white men are more direct when pursuing girls and, although some girls would be hesitant when white men being “too direct” and “moving too fast towards sex,” there is exemption because this can be viewed as the “culture difference(i.e. this is how western ppl date),” which would not be the case for a Taiwanese guy. I think both Taiwanese girls and boys care about if the other half is committed or not, but for the whole upbringing, westerners are taught to be more outgoing, Taiwanese are taught to be more reserved, the natural dynamic formed the western-Taiwanese dating outlook today.

    • I agree with your second reason. I have heard Taiwanese guys asking “why would an independent woman with money of her own need a boyfriend for?”

  6. After one year in Canada,I like to make foreigner’s friend.Can share our culture each other.It will help you to learn other language.How long you can stay in Taiwan.

  7. I am doing reversal direction in the sense that an Asian Dude like me born and raise in Asia moved to the Western world and tried a few attempt to date Western Women in their own home country.

    Age- I have met several white ladies and found out that they look young but is a decade older than me. I noticed that older ladies are open to date any Asian Ethnics but younger ladies usually only date Korean or Japanese due to media influence. As a Chinese, I usually got sidelined.

    Height- This is not an issue for me. I am taller than most girls that walks around until they wear high heels.

    Language Barrier- It does exist. We Asian Men dislike to be made fun of our pronunciation or name calling. We appreciate that ladies out there help to correct rather than be sarcastic. Please don’t be grammar nazi, else we have to be math, money nazi to your bad finances.

    “Not Dedicated.” Many people influence us by saying that Western Women is not faithful. When I say I am interested in White girl, my Asian buddies and relatives always use this point, which refers to, Western Woman just want to have short term fun and will leave you for other stud. Well, I am still putting hope to find my dream girl.

    Lack of Western Women- There are plenty of Western Women in the Western World. Ironically, based on UCI race dating, Asian Male and Black Female is the least preferred categories to be dated. Therefore, it is lack of Western Women that is open to date Asian guys. Believe it or not, when I try to ask Western Women that I met in the University for a coffee, none of them accepted my offer.

    Cultural- When I ask them to eat Japanese home cook meal as a cultural exchange between them and my Japanese friends, it works all the time. I found out they like Japanese culture and not that fond of Chinese culture.

    Another cultural issue is Asian like to start family early and White like to do it later. I have surveyed my white females friend and they told me they would start family at around 35. In Asian time, that is too long a wait to have kids. Worst are the ladies that want to dates forever and never want to have a family or fear of having children.

    Mother in law and wife issues exist even in within Asian culture. So that can be ruled out.

    Shyness- Asian guys in Asia are brought up to listen more and talk less. It takes alot of courage to ask a girl out. So please be kind to us to let us know if you are interested or not or just want to be friends. Hey, I am fine being friend and maybe I can know the circle of friend that someone will like me.

    Temporary Residency – Not a big issue if the lady is serious. I have a White Girl Friend who I was introduced to by a Mixed WHite/CHinese Girl when I visit her university. A year later, the white girl married a Japanese and they are moving to South Africa.

    My 2 pennies!

  8. From what I’ve read, and some from observation, Taiwanese guys may also find western women too direct. This makes them uncomfortable, especially considering your point about culture – they will clash with their mother-in-laws. Given that in a lot of households, Taiwanese guys differ to their mothers, this could cause problems.
    I’ve had a steady Taiwanese gf since I came here, and I’ve learned from her that women here are more subservient to the man’s wishes – well, in my dating experience back home, if she doesn’t like it, she will tell me where to go. I doubt a Taiwanese man would be ok with that.
    Additionally, from speaking to some of my western female friends, it seems that some western women find Taiwanese men NOT direct enough. Masculinity is defined differently in either culture, so it may be that while Taiwanese men adhere to the Taiwanese cultural definition of masculinity, it doesn’t exactly jive with the western woman’s definition of masculinity.

  9. Hmmm…. I guess most Asian men find Western women intimidating and unreachable. But I guess when they get to know them better, having a relationship with any other race is pretty much the same, in the sense that it is about two people liking each others’ company. That’s that. I hope Taiwanese men would try dating Western women more and see beyond the preconceived notion of what Western women are or aren’t.


  10. Above mentioned facts are absolutely true,as sometimes language and country become a hinder for any relationship but whenever it’s get overcomed nothing can stop them to be in a proper relationship.cause love has no language.

  11. I believe one reason which was not mentioned is the lack of (or gradually losing) femininity of many western girls. Taiwanese men are lucky that many Asian girls know how to “撒嬌” (or in general feminine behaviors) – which can be a very positive behavior to the relationship. As far as I know western girls (at least American girls) have no idea what this is. God created male and female so they should be very different and complement each other. However more and more western girls become much like man – either physically or mentally, and sometimes both! It is the perspective of some western culture that women can do anything that man can do – which is true and encouraged; but if anything is overly done it is against the nature. When you see a very strong/big (mainly due to the unhealthy food) girl with aged skin (exposed to sunshine too much etc.), it is definitely a deal breaker. I think this is something that western girls could learn from Asian girls. Hey girls, using an umbrella during summer time is not something weird! Girls “裝可愛” so what!? Take easy.

  12. Interesting observations, although of course any discussions and comparisons of Taiwanese and “western” culture require gross generalizations and over-simplifications, and there are always those few exceptions to the “rule”.

    But on the topic of why it is so uncommon to see Taiwanese men with ‘western’ women, another reason (whether or not men may want to admit it themselves) is that your average “western” woman likely has a lot more experience with relationships (and sex) than the average Taiwanese guy, at any given age.

    Men anywhere are likely to feel intimidated by women with more experience than they themselves have.

    Also, the sheer fact that these women are on their own, travelling or working abroad, far from their families is evidence that they are far more independent, adventurous and head-strong than an ‘ideal’ woman should be.

    But the “what will my mother say?” factor is probably pretty big.

  13. I think most of the items in your summaries are true. Western girls is not realistic for Taiwanese men. They seems only appear in the Hollywood movies. And most Taiwanese men think that ‘Is it possible that a western girl would marry a Taiwanese guy ?’ and finally language barrier is also a big problem.

  14. My opinions are of a Taiwanese guy who grew up in Australia and lived for 20 years. I’m a mix bag of sorts, I’ve retained many traditional values so actually identify with all the points you’ve raised (yah, I’m surprised myself). And while I wouldn’t not do it as frequently as western men, I don’t think I’d have problem approaching western ladies in both Taiwan or abroad… just to say hi or whats up. So, why is less western women with Taiwanese men? I think it is a deeper issue with the perception of Asian men in general.

    Firstly, as with all encounters in any cultures, it is foremost about appearance (presentability) and secondly, its the girl’s perception of Asian culture (I mean when you’re not interested you’re not out to offend anyone but you feel apathy, right?), in this regard, I think in the western mind, Asia is not transparent enough. Just the thought of visiting Asia can be cultural shock for some foreigners because it can feel otherworldly (description of food, for example, my western friends cringe when I translate those poetic dishes literally at Chinese restaurants).

    In a similar vein, many western girls are not sensitive to Asian themes, and even fewer willing adventurers. The Chinese language could be a major turn down, because it is tonal and difficult to become proficient after a certain age (I personally have few ABC cousins who cannot speak Chinese). At the moment, there are probably more Chinese speakers of English (whether poorly or not) than Westerners who speaks Chinese (Mandarin) but I think it will change overtime as the cultures converge.

    I’ve dating success with Taiwanese girls (lost contact due to relocation) but not western girls (I have few friends in past but not maintained regularly, you know, because in Taiwan the mindset is like it leans towards marriage) yah and that sucks for me because I’d like to explore that aspect but often feel my culture is holding me back, to a western girl might find this might be strange to begin and could get quickly complicated from there. Put in their shoes, I understand why I’d date more within one’s cultural circle instead.

  15. I am born Taiwanese, moved to Canada when I was 8 years old and now back in Taiwan. Growing up in Canada made me attracted to white and black women mainly, and never really dated asian girls. I had a fair share of fun and great experiences with Italians, Canadians, Americans and South African women both in Canada, and Taiwan I finally married a Chinese women born in Australia whom I fell deeply in love with. Honestly speaking I think interacial dating is a beautiful experience, and everyone should try it out or atleast be curious. Taiwanese men should get out of their shell of traditions, and not let your families decide what to experience. Marriage and dating should really be decided by you, and by an outdated agricultural ideology. For the white girls reading this, I know you also dig asian men, be daring and disregard the usual stereotypes that the online community has to offer 🙂

  16. I partially agree with the reasons. I know my opinion may not be counted as i m from mainland china. But according to my experience studying and working in england, age, skin, height those physical appearance are actually not main reasons. Many of the white women look really gorgeous even they are in their 30 or 40s, many of english girls have perfectly smooth skins, not all the white women are very tall. I would say the culture shock and language barrier play very important role, For instance, confidence of their own culture, understanding of western culture, handling the culture difference (for instance your recent blog-goodbye sexy me), fluency of second language they actually matter a lot. I dated some really nice english girls over last few years, and i found they actually are interested in you as long as you make them laugh, make them home with your pack and treat them gently and properly in western ways or acceptable chinese ways, etc. So i would say, the reasons are very complex, but language and culture confidence of men are playing the main roles:) What you think?

  17. Again, like all the related articles here. It expresses nothing but loads of bullshit. Racial stereotypes driven by one sided and limited sources of knowledge and understanding of any ordinary crises from human interactions of more than one race create intended racial segregations based on a physical and a minority of individual point of view, which gets enlarged to generalise the overall quality of an entire targeted race. From what i read above, it seems all it matters is how to alienate one race from another when it comes to relationships and sex. How Asian guys date white girls, White blokes find cute little asian girls, etc. ” sizes of penises” ? Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. I guess it’s time for you to stop watching porns and making those porno fantasies a serious issue to discuss here to show how pathetically dim witted you are. Cheers.

  18. I’m a white girl married to a Taiwanese guy so perhaps I should eschew some stereotypes. For starters, white women don’t all like or dislike Asian men, it’s very case by case.

    For me, I wasn’t looking for an Asian to date when I met my husband, but in Taiwan the Asians are more plentiful than other types of guys.

    When I was back in the states, I was often attracted to guys with a certain ethnic quality, so perhaps this played a role in the initial infatuation on my part toward him.

    But it’s the chemistry between us which has given our relationship it’s lasting integrity. Fear of cultural difference, if you ask me, is bullshit. The world is not a homogenous place. We all need to live together (best case scenario, harmoniously) so don’t turn down an attractive nice catch for fear that she won’t get on well with your mother.

    My mother in law and I are not bosom buddies, nor does my husband defer (Islandsidechronicles, I’m winking at you) to her always. But she is an important part of his life and mine, we see each other often (though not every day).

    All relationships require compromise, intercultural relationships are not the only ones that do. And in the end I think most people who have them will find that the compromises in intercultural relationships are for the most part the same compromises they have made or would be making in a relationships with another person for their home country.

    It’s a perpetual give and take, but that’s life. And at the end of the day, the ever-strengthening bond is stronger for it.

    So don’t go touting the misconception that Taiwanese guys don’t date western women. It simply isn’t true. Since I’ve been with my husband, I’ve been in situations in which his friends have remarked that they would like to try dating a western woman. I am often asked if I have any single friends.

    But my husband is not a typical Taiwanese stereotype, either. He is very sociable and outgoing. He is not a quiet, studious type, nor is he a compliant, silent type. He’s direct, which matches my own personality, but not in a way that’s inappropriate. He’s very tactful and generous toward others! Finally, his English isn’t perfect, but his accent and his mistakes are adorable and make me love him more.

    And of course we have our fights and times where we don’t get along, but we both know that pulling the “different culture” card is a copout. We still do it, but it’s only because anger makes people spout whatever mean bullshit they can conjure up.

    Finally, my husband has told me on more than one occasion that when he becomes angry. his mind fills with retaliatory remarks in Chinese. So he doesn’t usually yell at me. I probably yell more. But eventually we always get over it and move on.

    One of my favorite things about him? He loves to cook! He has been known to cook elaborate spreads several times a year. To these dinners we invite all of our friends and often his parents join us, as well. So there goes the stereotype of the meek little boy/man who can’t tear himself away from his momma’s apron strings!

      • No. The different culture in regards to what we both like to eat seldom gives us any trouble. I can use chopsticks and I like the local food. Furthermore, when my husband cooks, he sometimes includes western dishes which I’ve helped him learn to make. We’re both adaptable and always keep on learning from each other.

    • I am a Taiwanese guy who lives in South Africa, and once I was almost marry a local Afrikaner (white) girl.
      Any way, I do agreed with your viewpoint.

  19. In response to the generalization that all white women appear to age faster than Asian women. This is definitely not true for my family at all. I am a 24 year old white American woman, and everyone thinks I’m a teenager. I’m small and petite, with blue eyes and light brown hair, no freckles. The above trait’s I inherited from my mom. Also My lips are so dark pink everyone always assumes I’m wearing lipstick, but I don’t. I actually inherited my lips from my dad lol. Also both me and my younger sister love Asian culture, and Asian men. My sister prefers Japanese men, where as I prefer Taiwanese men. Also most of the white women I know that look old for their age usually drink and smoke. Where as I never drink, and I never smoke. I hope to one day visit Taiwan, and I’d really like to marry an Asian guy. I want to be a mom, and a stay at home wife.

    • According to my stereotype, your description meet general southern girls.
      You know the sour grape fable from Aesop. That is the same reason Taiwanese men invent this myth. Since most of them cant even start a chat with white women, they invent this concept, so they have any excuse to talk to white women anymore.

      • I love the honesty that emerges in these kinds of forums! Of course Taiwanese guys want to keep their dignity, so they invent a myth to justify non-involvement with western girls.

        I’m married (so, I’m not available). But I have received many compliments from Taiwanese men, so you can’t tell me they aren’t interested. If any man were asked to describe his ideal woman, I doubt they would specify “fat, bad skin, etc.”

        But in truth, there is someone for everyone. And even the less attractive girls out there- whether they be Taiwanese or western- probably have something to offer to someone.

        I learned an interesting phrase: “他不是我的菜.”
        It means “he/she isn’t my dish.” Perhaps another, more western quote would be pertinent here in response: “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

        So if you don’t like it, leave it for somebody else. Because my husband with his “small eyes” isn’t handsome to a lot of Taiwanese girls, but he’s handsome to me. And “beauty (or attractiveness, for that matter) is in the eye of the beholder.”

        Fyi to the guys- if you aren’t good looking, being fashionable helps, a lot!

    • Hi Angel, I’m a Chinese American guy from a nice family. my father a doctor my mother professor of Chinese history. I’m looking for a woman to have a family with that would be a stay at home mom! Wouldn’t it be funny to meet on the internet from this post.

      It’s really great you don’t smoke or drink. Health is wealth.

      My grandfather lived to be 99. He told me: longevity is not difficult first you must eat very good food second you must get a little bit of exercise everyday 3rd you must not to worry too much.

      How interesting you posted on Christmas.

      Let my grandfather’s little saying be your late Christmas present!

      Will you give me an early Chinese New Year’s present by responding to this post?

      I love horses.


  20. Taiwanese guys have a different mentality when it comes to dating… Its not a “date” its a future prospect of marriage. Taiwanese culture form the minds to this. Very few break away from it. Western women have the idea of a date as a “date”. And not to mention there is another factor of sex. There is a certain lack of experience and not to mention other factors,

  21. chinese girls are prettier to chinese guys that have the social status and skills to date white girls, he has top notch choices cuz of language barrier learnig a new language is not generally something hot chicks wanna do, so mosty chinese girls that can communicate with white guys are ugly or old (takes time), most white guys get whores if they dont care about communication, lots of chinese whores. at the high end white girls and asian girls have the same hotteness white girls in media generally have a more general asian feature so they are very rare in white girls and more abundant in chinese girls, and white girls are more prized by rich white guys cuz more competition for muich rarer asian type white girls you see in media while the competition is not so fierce you dont need to be super rich due to language barrier, culture barrier, and more abundance

  22. Because Taiwanese guys are gays and can not handle any kind of women, so they defending their weak ego by criticize western women, said by a Taiwanese woman.

    • From your comment, I suppose you have a burning hatred towards Taiwanese men? And I also suppose that your father is not a Taiwanese men? or you hate your father too for being a Taiwanese and a man?

  23. In the US white women go for black guys all the time. But not really for Asian guys so much. So it’s not so much a cultural thing as a physical thing.

    Asian men are right to stay away from white women. Asian women are far more feminine and dependable.

  24. The reason why western women (and men too) age so rapidly is because their western diet.

    They hardly eat any green vegetables. They eat lots of wheat gluten (bread, pasta, processed food) and processed food which full of chemicals and preservatives. No wonder their body breakdown faster than their actual age.

  25. Not dedicated means they feel like the chicks aren’t serious about the relationship. Not committed. Will cheat or end up being with someone else… Not expecting to be long term as in the western girls might just be trying them out for fun.

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